Plus Size Fashion Haul & Try On!

by Sunday, July 5, 2015

While in New York, I did some shopping! I hit up one of my favorite shops (Monif C) and tried some new ones. In this video I show you what I bought but also how it fits. Enjoy!

  • Oh I didn’t know you had a youtube channel. Will subscribe =) xx

    Uniquely Filipa

  • Ahhhh, that mint skirt is giving me life! And AMEN to stretchy lace!


  • Vanessa Stoner

    I meant to ask, where did you get your top you are wearing in your vlog? It is so cute!

  • April flores

    OMG. Absolutely love that nude dress. Looks beautiful on you. I love how your body is proportioned all in the right places. I wish I knew how much you weighed so I wouldn’t feel so insecure about myself. You have a beautiful curvy figure Crystal :*

  • YAY!

  • Thank you! Don’t get so hung up on weight – there’s so much more to weight than a number : body composition, muscle mass, etc.. all that matters is sizing and body type.