Off Duty

There’s nothing better than a cuddly tunic and chic leather jacket to elevate your weekend wardrobe. I’m obsessing over turtlenecks lately this tunic (dipped in gold!) is the perfect blend of chic and comfy – which of course makes it my go-to piece for off duty looks.

Winter White

Happy Saturday, Glammies! Let’s break some rules, shall we?
We’re all familiar with ‘No White After Labor Day’ – it’s one of those fashion sayings that has always been there for some reason. I wanted to look into it and figure out how this nonsense became such a popular rule.

Laced Up

It wasn’t all that long ago that I would read straight-size blogs and pine over the incredible fashions, wishing that something like that existed for me. Lace pants was definitely so high on that lust list. I would fawn over pictures of my favorite blogger girls wearing lace pants all over the world, oozing romance and ladylike perfection – all while sneering at my yoga pants.


From the first time I stepped into Guy Fieri’s Vegas Kitchen & Bar, I knew that everything I tried would be an adventure. From deconstructed pizzas to burgers that are so unique it’s intimidating (but order bravely, you’ll be happy you did) the menu is just plain fun. See what I wore on a recent lunch date at Guy’s.

Glitz & Glam

Gavyn and I first met at a rooftop party in New York during the summer last year. We became fast friends and knew that once we were both in LA, we had to get together again – but this time – with sequins.