Caribbean Cuties

If you’ve been following my YouTube channel this week (you are subscribed, right?) you know I’ve recently spent some time in the Caribbean with one of my dearest friends, Gavyn from The Curvy Cutie. To say that Nassau and the Bahamas is a dream come true is an understatement.

Glam Travels

Even though my husband is my go-to sidekick for on the road adventures, sometimes life calls for a girl-venture. I try to take at least one trip per year with my girlfriends. There’s something so refreshing about traveling with someone (like my best babe Nicole) who understands why it takes 67 minutes to get ready and also agrees that dance breaks between curling your hair are mandatory.

Glitz & Glam

Gavyn and I first met at a rooftop party in New York during the summer last year. We became fast friends and knew that once we were both in LA, we had to get together again – but this time – with sequins.

Thursday Three: garnerstyle x rebdolls

It seems like it’s RebDolls week here on SG, and I promise it’s a coincidence. When I heard that Chastity of GarnerStyle was doing a collab with RebDolls, I knew it was going to be good. I didn’t think it…

My Curvy Valentine: A Plus Size Blogger …

When Jolene approached me to do this collab, I’m pretty sure I yelled ‘YES!’ before she even finished asking. A Valentine’s Day collab with some of the hottest blogger babes on the internet? Um, yes. Allll the yes. And when…