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luxe foundations If there’s a fabric of the season, it’s velvet. It’s plushy, cozy and luxurious all at the same time. When Lane Bryant approached me about working together on a post, I knew I wanted to encourage you ladies to spoil…

Sexy Things are for You

I know this title is a bit weird, but bear with me.
I think a lot of us misunderstand what sexy things is for. There’s this common thought that wearing sexy things is somehow for someone else.
Let me correct that: sexy things are for YOU. They are for YOU to feel powerful. For YOU to feel beautiful. For YOU to feel feminine, soft, beautiful, womanly. Not for anyone else.

Bright White

Black is a glorious safety blanket for me. It minimizes things I don’t want seen and maximizes everything else (not to mention how bomb they look with a tan) – but white? White just seems like a walk on the wild side… for lots of reasons. First, because you can’t hide in white – everything is visible – everything you WANT to be visible and even things you don’t. Secondly, if you’re even the tiniest bit clumsy (like me) you spend the entire time counting down the hours until your Starbucks ends up on your dress. But, I had to face my fears.

1 item, 3 ways : Leather Plus Size Jeans

I have a confession to make. I’ve been wearing these Rockit pants a lot… way more than is socially acceptable. I said that in the most politically correct way possible. What I’m actually saying is: I’m so obsessed with these…

Cropped Floral

With temperatures soaring over 100 degrees on the daily now, the struggle for finding fierce outfits that are lightweight is VERY real. When I found these gorgeous plus size floral pants from Yours Clothing, I ordered them and crossed my…