San Diego, CA


The 90’s revival has been interesting to watch, as someone who was there the first time around. The resurgence of overalls, Tommy Hilfiger, fanny packs (updated with the name: ‘belt bag’) and flatform shoes have (for the most part) left…

Back in Black

If you remember last week’s post about being fearful of wearing a white plus size bodycon dress, you’ll remember that I talked a lot about my security blanket. Well, this is it. I wanted to bring it up to remind you that while I believe that it’s SO important to challenge ourselves a bit every single day (outfit-wise AND in life) I believe it’s also equally important to wear things that feel like home.

Bright White

Black is a glorious safety blanket for me. It minimizes things I don’t want seen and maximizes everything else (not to mention how bomb they look with a tan) – but white? White just seems like a walk on the wild side… for lots of reasons. First, because you can’t hide in white – everything is visible – everything you WANT to be visible and even things you don’t. Secondly, if you’re even the tiniest bit clumsy (like me) you spend the entire time counting down the hours until your Starbucks ends up on your dress. But, I had to face my fears.


I woke up this morning with a smile on my face – this weekend is Generation Beauty in LA! I wish I could put together a grown up post about how fabulous this dress is, but in truth, I’m just so excited to wear it to tonight’s cocktail party.

That LBD

Just a quick-and-dirty post before I head out of town. I’m off to LA to work on some awesome secret things – which you will see VERY soon – follow me on snapchat if you want a preview! (@sometimesglam) Here’s a look I wore recently while out with husband for date night.