Experiencing a full fall season is something I’ve missed since moving to Phoenix all those years ago. It seems like another lifetime when I would ride my bike through the woods, crushing fallen leaves with the wheels of my two-speed, laughing with my friends. Lately, fall days are roughly 89 degrees and full of sunshine.
I know.

Off Duty

There’s nothing better than a cuddly tunic and chic leather jacket to elevate your weekend wardrobe. I’m obsessing over turtlenecks lately this tunic (dipped in gold!) is the perfect blend of chic and comfy – which of course makes it my go-to piece for off duty looks.

Casual Friday

Not every day can be a high fashion outfit day. So I’ve been told. While I firmly disagree, I thought I would share a more casual, cozy look with you all to inspire you for this weekend. I know the…

Sweater Weather

I love a good sweater. It must be carry over from my life in Canada as a child, but as soon as the weather resembles something similar to chilly, I run out to the store and pick up a couple…


The only way to start this post right: HOORAY! The heatwave is finally broken! In Phoenix, this means that it’s officially the time of year that sees temperatures under 80 degrees during the day, down to the 50’s at night.…