Jet Set

Even though travel is a large part of my normal life, I still romanticize it. I daydream about PanAm flight attendants, dapper pilots with million-dollar smiles, Frank Sinatra piped through the airport speakers and travelers dressed in their best, excited for the journey ahead.

Snow Day

Growing up on the East Coast, I expected snow as soon as we flipped the calendar to December. There were a handful of occasions that the snow didn’t arrive until after Christmas but for the most part, snow was a big part of my life.

HUGE Announcement

Today’s post is chock to the brim with good news! First of all, I’m back! I’ll be uploading a video to my YouTube channel with a full update, so make sure you’re subscribed so you don’t miss it. Now, on…

Travel Diary : San Francisco

FRIDAY When a client called for some work up in San Jose, I booked my ticket faster than you can say “in flight wifi”. Tacking on a personal day was a no-brainer – Northern California is my favorite place in…

Viva Las Vegas

Any time I need to get away and take a break from reality, I run to Las Vegas. It’s the perfect place to weekend to – offering everything you need to cleanse your soul. In 48 hours, you can party,…