San Diego, CA


The 90’s revival has been interesting to watch, as someone who was there the first time around. The resurgence of overalls, Tommy Hilfiger, fanny packs (updated with the name: ‘belt bag’) and flatform shoes have (for the most part) left…


Remember last year when marble quietly crept forward and became a super trend? It started with a little Instagram background here and there and morphed into a pattern that everyone loved and put on everything: phone cases, laptop skins, not to mention how sales of marble trays soared (they are the perfect backdrop for beauty pics). Check out what I did with this dress!

Boudoir In The Streets

Boudoir is a huge trend for Spring/Summer 2016 – and it can be intimidating. What does it mean? Does it mean *gulp* actual lingerie out and about? Not necessarily! Check out my interpretation!