Grey Matter

I love this look if you have a late summer/early fall wedding – the grey plus size trench coat contrasts with the blush pink of the dress while still keeping the look soft. I am straight up obsessed with this lace trench and can see myself wearing it a TON over the next few months.

Dark Princess

Happy March, everyone!
I love the first day of a new month – it makes me feel like we have a clean slate and a fresh start to make this month better than the last. It also means that we’re on the precipice of wedding season! Just like last year, I’ll be bringing you a wedding week (with a twist this time) – but for now, I’m sharing a look that is totally wedding guest appropriate.


Today, January 20, 2016 is our 15 year wedding anniversary. Just like last year’s post, Nick and I are going to share our thoughts with you on our wedding anniversary. This year’s theme is based on what our pastor said to us, and what that means to us.

Wedding Week – The Urban Bride

Wedding Week continues with a twist on a bridal look. I knew from the second I started working on this series that I absolutely wanted to showcase a white jumpsuit. I love it as an alternative for women who don’t…

Wedding Week – The Casual Bride

Wedding season is upon us! Who doesn’t love a good wedding?! While there is always a place in the world for gorgeous, huge ball gowns and Cinderella moments (you know I am all about that princess life!) – this week is…